China VC/PE Market Review 2012

2013-03-06 13:29 · 清科集团     
Although 2012 saw a sharp plunge in fundraising of VC funds, the number of new funds still surpassed that in 2010. However, the average size of the new funds in 2012 merely amounted to US$37.70M, the lowest level since 2005. 

  A total of 252 VC funds available to the investments in Chinese mainland were closed in 2012, down 34.0% year-on-year. Among them, 247 funds disclosed the newly raised capital of US$9.31B in total, down 67.0% year-on-year. 


  Although 2012 saw a sharp plunge in fundraising of VC funds, the number of new funds still surpassed that in 2010. However, the average size of the new funds in 2012 merely amounted to US$37.70M, the lowest level since 2005.  

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